Illinois REALTORS® Managing Broker Pre-License Topics 30-hour Home Study is one mandatory component of Managing Broker pre-license requirements.

This is a paperless electronic course. The course outline and 30-hour course materials sent via email as pdf files. A proctored course exam is required for this course.

Managing Broker Licensing Requirements

Individuals interested in obtaining an Illinois Managing Broker license must have held an active broker license for two of the previous three years and must complete a 30-hour Managing Broker Pre-License Topics home study course and proctored exam and a 15-hour Managing Broker Pre-License Applied Management and Supervision webinar or classroom course. (Note: 15-hour Managing Broker Pre-License webinar and classroom dates are extremely limited.  If not listed in the store or on the classroom calendar, no classes are currently scheduled.)

Proctored Exam

You must take the proctored course exam at an approved Illinois REALTORS® Proctor Location.  Select a Proctor Location Here

Course Expiration

Courses expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Students requiring longer than 6 months, but less than one year from the date of purchase are eligible to purchase an extension at the cost of $100. The extension period shall not exceed 90 days and may not be extended past one year from the original date of purchase. Contact or all extension requests.

Managing Broker Pre-License transcripts are valid for four years.