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Member Survey Rules2019-02-11T13:01:36-05:00

American Strategies is conducting a survey on behalf of Illinois REALTORS®. The survey takes less than ten minutes to complete. Five members who complete the survey will be randomly selected to win a $100 American Express Gift Card!

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Official Rules:

This survey incentive is sponsored by Illinois REALTORS®, 522 South Fifth Street, Springfield, Illinois 62701.

This survey incentive is open to current active members of Illinois REALTORS® who complete the attached membership survey.  An “active” member is a member whose membership dues payable to Illinois REALTORS® are currently paid with no dues amounts outstanding.  An “inactive” member, or a member who has not maintained his or her membership dues and has dues amounts outstanding, is not eligible to receive this survey.  Individuals receiving this membership survey have been randomly selected from the pool of current active members of Illinois REALTORS®.  The maximum number of completing this membership survey who could potentially be eligible for a survey incentive is One Thousand Five Hundred (1,500).  No additional purchase is necessary nor will any additional purchase improve an individual’s opportunity to receive a survey incentive.  The odds of an individual being selected to receive a survey incentive are 1/300.

The retail value of the prize a randomly selected member participant may be eligible to receive is One Hundred Dollars ($100), awarded in the form of a One Hundred Dollar ($100) American Express gift card.  A One Hundred Dollar ($100) American Express gift card will be awarded to each of five (5) randomly selected member participants, for a total of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) in survey incentives.  Only member participants who (1) receive the membership survey, (2) complete it following receipt, and (3) are randomly selected as recipients of a survey incentive are eligible to receive an incentive.

In the event a randomly selected member chooses to complete the survey, that member will be entered into the pool of member participants from which five (5) individuals will be randomly selected to each receive one (1) One Hundred Dollar ($100) American Express gift card.

No member participant shall be liable for any shipping and handling fees or any other charges to obtain and/or use the survey incentive.

To unsubscribe from future American Strategies online experience survey notices, contact Illinois REALTORS® at