Format: Classroom
Instructor: Sally Steining
Location: Southern IL  •  Shiloh
Start Date: Apr 2, 2019  •  End Date: Apr 2, 2019
Credit Hours: 3 - Elective

Registration Information
REALTOR® Association of Southwestern Illinois or 618-277-1980

Course Description
This class will make real estate professionals aware that they and their customers are vulnerable in today’s world and the world of the internet and e-mail.  Just by clicking on a link, they can expose their own and/or their client’s information to cyber criminals.   Many real estate agents believe that their title company or attorney will be sued, but they won’t.   More and more real estate agents are being included in the suit when funds go astray-especially if they are the causal link.

In today’s class we will learn how to protect the real estate agent, their client and their family from cyber criminals, fraudsters and identity thieves.