How many innovative real estate ideas, tips and technology ideas can you pack into one day? As the recent Xplode Real Estate Technology Conference in Chicago proved, quite a few.

Cutting-edge industry speakers such as Pat Kitano, Seth Kaplan, Stephen Pacinelli and Ginger Wilcox to name just a few, were part of a daylong, rapid-fire lineup of experts who shared practical and timely technology tips to help today’s busy real estate agents get the most out of everything from videos and mobile websites to building online engagement through social media.

The conference was chock full of ideas. Here are a few nuggets from some of the experts:

  • When it comes to marketing, make sure your online content can easily go “viral,” i.e. make it easy for people to share with others.
  • Today’s real estate consumers are multimedia, multitaskers and the distinction between online and off-line has blurred. You need more than a website for them to find you in a search.
  • The next generation of homebuyers isn’t looking for an agent who is a parental figure; they want more of a friend.
  • Some apps mobile sellers agents may want to check out: Keynote, Evernote, Adobe Ideas, iBooks, iAnnotate, Dropbox and DocuSign.
  • If you have a website, check it frequently to make sure everything is running the way it should.
  • Consumers look for three things on your website: 1) listing searches, 2) how much a home is worth and 3) information on how the housing market is doing.
  • Fifty percent of Internet consumption is video-based. Don’t ignore this marketing tool to reach consumers.
  • Text messages are more than a way to communicate. They can also be a lead generator.
  • Real estate has become more global. Remember that not every buyer is in your backyard.