A week to go till the Nov. 2 election!

VoteIf the statistics for this election are similar to prior elections, 20 percent of you have already voted using options available to Illinois voters—early voting and absentee voting.  Early voting will continue this week until Thursday, October 28.  If you are interested in voting by absentee ballot, your local election authority must receive your request by mail by October 28 or you have until November 1 to make that request in-person at the local election authority office.  Of course you can go to your polling place on Tuesday, November 2 and cast your ballot in this important election.  It is easy to verify where your polling place is in your community.  If you have your voter registration card handy, the information is printed on that card.  You can also check at the State Board of Elections website by simply typing in your name and zip code.

As a reminder of the importance of this election, here are the offices on the ballot: the candidate for one of our two United States Senate seats will be selected; all of our members in Congress will be selected; all statewide constitutional officers; 21 of our 59 State Senators and all 118 members of the Illinois House of Representatives.  There is a rare opportunity to vote on a proposed amendment to the Illinois State Constitution on the issue of recall of the governor.  Closer to home, there are many key elected local officers on the ballot and key referendum questions in some communities dealing with local powers/taxation.  The IAR Action Center has additional information on these issues at www.IARActionCenter.org.

Remember how close primary election contests were?  YOUR VOTE COUNTS AND MATTERS!


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