New ways of thinking about real estate

Times and the housing market have changed and so must REALTORS®’ ways of thinking about the industry if they want get ahead and stay ahead today, speaker Kim Daugherty told attendees at the IAR Convention and Expo Thursday.

daughertywebIn his presentation, “No Industry for Old Thinking: Getting In-shape, In-sync and In-the-black in 33 Days,” Daugherty stressed that the old perceptions and ways of thinking don’t apply anymore. REALTORS® must update their strategy and adapt to the new market realities.

Some examples:

  • OLD – I’ve mastered this game/ NEW – Always looking to improve
  • OLD – All eggs in one basket/ NEW – Multiple streams of business
  • OLD – 80 % of success is showing up/ NEW – skills-knowledge-focus
  • OLD – I just wing it/ NEW – Specific playbook and plan
  • OLD – First open house/ NEW – First cut made online
  • OLD – Get them on paper and fix it later/ NEW – Do it up front
  • OLD – Flying solo/ NEW – Working as a team
  • OLD – It’s all about me/ New – It’s about what you can do for them
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