Real Estate Trainer Kim Daugherty

Price is critical. That’s a wake-up call about today’s market shared by real estate trainer Kim Daugherty in his crowded morning session last Friday at the IAR Convention. One of his top agents spends 45 minutes of her one-hour listing presentations on pricing strategy and 15 minutes on all the rest. Setting the right price is that important to sell a house today.

Agents must stay visible. Kim told the story of a prospective seller who tried to reach an agent by e-mail and phone and did not get a call back in over a week. The seller asked: “Did Lynn leave the business? Is she OK?” Lynn was simply on vacation. If you don’t stay in touch, people won’t know that you’re still in the game. Use what Kim calls the “MTV” method. Stay in touch by mail, telephone and face-to-face visits.

Be a problem solver for your clients. Yes, transactions are more challenging. Instead of pointing fingers at others holding up the process, say “I’ll take care of it.” Stay positive and find solutions.

Finally, Kim emphasized how important it is to stay motivated. Check out these sites for some inspiration: and Zig Ziglar’s YouTube video “Attitude Makes all the Difference.”