I’ve been a REALTOR® for over 20 years.  Frankly, what I remember of my first convention was a HANGOVER!

(Maybe I’ll start over!) It’s happened.  The recovery has begun.  Even in Chicago the real estate market has provided sellers and buyers many unique opportunities— thanks to the first time buyer tax credit and record low interest rates.  So don’t miss your opportunity to hone your skills and get on the right track to redefining the industry.

You’re a professional.  This is YOUR year.  Make the difference not just for you, but for your clients; buyers and sellers alike. The IAR Convention is not for everyone, but it is for YOU!  Here’s why:

  • I’ve attended many conventions in my 20 years as a REALTOR®.  And every year I absorb something new at Convention.  Never has it been a waste of time.  Never has it been a waste of money, and always I re-energize that spark in me that sometimes dims.  It’s the people, not just the ideas, that make it worthwhile.
  • Some of my closest friends are REALTORS® miles and miles away from me. We share our successes and our failures.  When I have an idea for my market, I talk to a REALTOR® in another market for their input.  The conversations are candid and sincere.  It helps you to focus and gain insight from a non-competitor’s view.  These friends and I met at Convention, and these friends and I gather at Convention.
  • This year’s annual Convention features the best experts available to guide US during this recovery.  Economists have seen change and are forecasting improvement.  Now you need to renew your networking contacts, redefine your goals and tactics, and recharge the bottom line for both YOU and your clients.

I know times have been tough, but it’s a small investment—for a wealth of knowledge, tactics and self improvement. Make the commitment. The commitment to you AND your clients.

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