NAR’s Public Awareness Campaign
Adds Message Boost in Upcoming Bowl Games

Housewarming_123Due to the extension of the first-time homebuyer tax credit, the National Association of REALTORS® Public Awareness Campaign got an added boost with a new commercial and additional spots purchased to air during the month of December, a month when typically the campaign does not run. When people are snug in their beds on wintry, cold nights watching holiday classics and other television favorites, REALTORS® are there to give that subtle added message to first-time buyers and would-be home sellers who are on the fence.

Many of the spots purchased through the remainder of the year are on prime-time network television including spots purchased during many of the upcoming football bowl games including the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1 and the Fiesta Bowl and Orange Bowl next week. View schedule: to see when you might catch the next REALTOR® commercial.

And get ready for the 2010 media blitz which kicks off the week of January 18th with ads on prime time, sports news and television, cable and radio. Next year’s buy expands to include national print and online advertising to increase the awareness of NAR’s message, and to, specifically encourage more people to take advantage of the homebuyer tax credit. And watch for promotion and tie-in with the campaign and the launch of NAR’s new consumer Web site at The site provides free information and tools to help homeowners with home improvements, maintenance projects, taxes, finances, insurance and even community involvement. will also help REALTORS® keep in touch with clients and customers and help build their reputation as a housing expert. NAR plans to do a major marketing push to consumers, beginning Feb. 15th. Take time to visit the site at