• I am still the “reluctant blogger.” I would rather speak with someone face-to-face. Although I must say I am becoming a fan of equipment that allows for “face-to-face meetings live via webcam” which greatly reduces travel.
  • I wish real estate licensees would follow the rules. For instance, if a licensee has a listing I really do wish he/she would communicate openly and honestly (consistent with his/her seller client’s lawful direction) with buyers’ agents. You know why? The buyers’ agents call me in frustration because they are unsure their offers are being presented. If they hear nothing, they assume they are not being presented. And guess what, I don’t know if they are or they aren’t. A little communication could go a long way towards resolving that distrust. Like any relationship…communication is key…keeping in mind your duties to your client to keep confidential information to yourself. And listing agents, remember that while the buyer agent is not free to visit with your seller client directly, there is nothing that prohibits the unlicensed buyer from contacting your seller to check on the status of his offer.
  • IDFPR now has authority under the rewrite of the Act to hire more enforcement personnel and we hear that they are in the process of “loading up,” so any previous lack/inability to enforce the Act more effectively might change.
  • I hope Crystal Bowersox wins “American Idol.” She simply rocks!

See…I told you it would be random.