Why do wealthy homeowners need more bathrooms than the rest of us? Chicago Tribune article looks at the trend. Some high-end properties have dozens of bathrooms. According to the article:

“Real estate brokers who cater to the moneyed say their clients typically want homes that have at least two bathrooms for every bedroom. And with spacious tubs, floor lamps, dressing areas and seating, some bathrooms rival bedrooms in size.”

Is a recovery finally appearing? A Chicago Agent article looks at possible signs that housing may be bouncing back. “Housing will contribute modestly to recovery this year and we will see a sustained recovery in 2013,: said Peter de Bruin, an economist with ABN Amro Group Economics.

Confusing signs exist in the multi-family market: According to this article by Chicago Agent some signs point to a healthy multi-family market, but the properties lead in delinquencies.