The period immediately following managing broker license renewal is a good time to “get your house in order” by completing some essential, but sometimes overlooked, housekeeping items.

1) Document your license renewal and make sure it is available for review.

Download a copy of your license from IDFPR. Display a printed copy of  your current license or store an electronic copy it in a place where it is readily available for review and available to the public.

2) Review your course records for compliance.

Sometimes licensees submit their renewal thinking their courses are complete when, in fact, they were not. Double-check your course completions and remedy any deficiency to avoid being caught up in an audit by IDFPR. Records of the courses you completed through Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center are readily available using our Education Lookup. If you took courses from another source, you will need to contact that source to verify your course completions.

3) Maintain a copy of CE course completions.

Keep your CE completion records handy in case you need to respond to an inquiry or audit.

4) Review records of your sponsored licensees.

This is a good time to double-check the license status of the brokers you sponsor. Are they all up-to-date?

5) Check the status of your corporation or LLC license.

Make sure your corporation or LLC license in is good standing with IDFPR and the Office of the Secretary of State.