Lynn Madison

As an agent, how you market your real estate listings on the MLS can make a big difference to your success. In her session “Positional Marketing for Maximum Exposure” Thursday at the IAR Convention and Expo in St. Charles, popular trainer Lynn Madison shared tips for getting the most exposure for your efforts.

The MLS listing is the first advertising your listing will get.  Outshine your competition by showing clients in your listing presentation how savvy you are with good positional marketing on the MLS. That can be things as simple as inputing the listing correctly and proofreading to catch errors, Madison said.

And with more homebuyers starting their home search online, it also means including plenty of photos of the property. But just as important as adding photos is ensuring that they are good ones because bad photos can be worse than none, says Madison.

That means no photos of pets, cluttered rooms, dirty kitchens and snow-covered lawns when the listing is still on the MLS as a listing in August.

Madison said today’s market is more price driven than ever and agents who have listings can’t afford to lose them because of poor marketing efforts on the MLS.