There are some very important election deadlines approaching as we near the November 2 general election date. This is an important election since ALL of the state’s constitutional officers are up including the race for Illinois governor; one of our two U.S. Senate seats; all 19 Congressional seats; all 118 House members; 21 of the 59 Senate seats and some key local offices.

You need to be aware of some key related dates of importance.

First and foremost, MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE! Traditionally, the deadline for registering to vote is 30 days prior to the election which is Tuesday, October 5, 2010.

However, Illinois also has established “Grace Period Registration” which authorizes residents to register to vote or change your address from October 6-26, 2010 at the office of an election authority. Under this type of registration you are required to cast your ballot at that same office (or by mail at the discretion of your local election authority).

Other options for voting in Illinois law include early voting, which is from October 11-28, 2010. *Be sure to check that first date. Since it is Columbus Day some sites may opt to begin on October 12. Election authorities in each county will announce the locations of Early Voting Centers.

Absentee voting is another option if you know that you will not be able to vote in person on Election Day. You can already request an application from your local election authority. The application to vote absentee can be made in person or by mail.

REALTORS®: Consider one of these two options if you are planning to attend the NAR Convention in early November and will be away from your residence on Election Day.