In a new video, Illinois Association of REALTORS® Legal Hotline Attorney Betsy Urbance outlines advertising requirements for managing brokers under the Illinois License Law rules. This is the third in a four-part series of videos highlighting some of the clarifications to the administrative rules of the Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000. Find other videos and a complete list of clarifications at (See note from IAR Legal Counsel below)

Re: Managing Broker and Yard Signs
IAR recently asked for clarification from IDFPR with regard to whether or not a managing broker who also might be the listing agent for a property would have to identify herself as a managing broker on the yard sign or the sign rider.  In response to this question IDFPR stated that a managing broker would not have to include that status along with her name on a yard (“For Sale”) sign so long as there is contact information for the sponsoring brokerage company on the sign.  The managing broker is still required to include her status as managing broker in any other advertising where her name appears, i.e. on company websites, in the MLS where required and any other advertising media besides the yard sign.