Lawmakers leave Springfield with issues to resolve for new year

Lawmakers were back in town last week for the second week of their annual fall session and, despite a flurry of activity, they left for the holiday recess with some issues still to resolve in January 2011.  You can read about activity in the December 3 State Capitol Report.

The successful candidates from the November 2 election will begin their new terms in January of 2011.  All of the constitutional officers will be sworn in to new four-year terms on Monday, January 10, and the members of the General Assembly will be sworn in on Wednesday, January 12.

However, prior to those two inaugural days there is the potential, particularly in the House, for additional action on old and new issues.  For example, you may have read about the Senate passing a massive gaming expansion bill last week. That bill still has not been debated in the House.  Also, both the Senate and House created special committees on the thorny issues of education reform, Medicaid reform, and workers’ compensation reform. It remains to be seen whether these panels will continue to work in the next session or if there will be a push to do something as soon as January. And, of course, the budget deficit continues to be the elephant in the room.

So stay tuned. It could be a very interesting start to the New Year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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