Dollinger_genxyMatt Dollinger spoke to IAR’s Generation X and Y Task Force this morning in conjunction with the Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) Business Meetings being held in Lombard, Ill.

During his presentation on “Cross Generational Engagement” he said “Because Generation Y is so future-oriented and so trendsetting, winning over this group will also attact Baby Boomers and those from Generation X.” Genration Y is the first native online population. 90% own a computer and they spend more time online than watching TV. Some key traits/values of this group are: individualistic, tech advanced, distrust of the establishment, work/life balance, team-oriented, and attention & praise craving.

“The biggest hurdle of the real estate industry is the real estate industry itself,” said Dollinger, who offered these tips for engaging the consumer:

  • earn their trust by providing value
  • allow for individualism and customization
  • embrace technology everywhere
  • seek insight, opinions, and collaboration
  • humanitize management and authority
  • highlight work and play
  • highlight praise publically
  • know your audience

Matt is a performance coach with Chicago brokerage @properties and has been actively involved with the social media movement and writes a blog called The You Factor at

The IAR Generation X and Y Task Force provides input on how to better service IAR members who are Generation X and Y, and help all members understand how to better work with clients in this demographic.