Thank You, Veterans

Historic photograph "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" Memorial Day is a time for remembering. Part of my normal Memorial Day routine includes watching a “war” movie. Whenever I go to Washington, D.C., I try to visit the War Memorials. I do these things because they remind me of the huge sacrifice that men and women have made through the years to preserve our freedom. As a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War, I am particularly appreciative of those men and women who currently serve in the military. I regularly thank veterans and servicemen and women for their service. You can show your appreciation this Memorial Day by taking a few moments to express your gratitude for your freedom by doing something out of the ordinary—visit a war memorial, put flowers on a military person’s grave, watch a parade, talk to your kids about the sacrifice our servicemen and women have made, fly the flag, watch a war movie, take time to thank one of our veterans or someone who is currently serving in the Armed Forces. Celebrate your freedom this Memorial Day.

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Jon Broadbooks is vice president for communications at Illinois REALTORS®.

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