Congratulations to the Illinois REALTORS® chosen as committee chairs and vice chairs for 2020. These individuals help shape the association’s policies, make recommendations to the board and aim to keep the association as relevant as possible.

Grid of 2020 committee chairs

The full list of committee chair and vice chair appointments are:

  • Affordable Housing and Community Involvement Committee – Tracey Williams, chair; Megan Oswald, vice chair
  • Association Executives Committee – Deb Frazier, chair; Diane Cote, vice chair
  • Business Issues-License Law Forum – Jeff Gregory, chair; Sarah Ware, vice chair
  • Commercial and Property Management Committee – Wayne Kurchina, chair; Alex Ruggieri, vice chair
  • Conference and Expo Working Group – John Grissom, chair
  • Ethics Citation Panel – Sheryl Grider Whitehurst, chair
  • Executive Committee – President Ed Neaves, chair
  • Finance Committee – Treasurer Zeke Morris, chair;
  • Global Business Council – Michelle Shang, chair; Moses Hall, vice chair
  • Grievance Committee – Phillip Trautman, chair; Teresa Camarato, vice chair
  • Illinois REALTORS® Plaza, Inc. – Treasurer Zeke Morris, chair
  • Illinois General Assembly and Statewide Independent Expenditures Committee – Mike Drews, chair
  • Illinois Local Government Independent Expenditures Committee – Hugh Rider, chair
  • Leadership Development Working Group – Brandon Shaffer, chair; John LeTourneau, vice chair
  • Local Government Affairs Committee – Tim Ryan, chair; Matt Persicketti, vice chair
  • Nominating Committee – Doug Carpenter, chair; Matt Difanis, vice chair
  • Performance-Compensation Review Committee – Matt Difanis, chair
  • Professional Standards Committee – Vicky Turner, chair; Matt Silver, vice chair
  • Public Policy and Government Affairs Member Involvement Group – Robert Eby, chair; Jeff Kolbus, vice chair
  • REALTOR® of the Year Working Group – Nancy Koch, chair
  • REALTORS® Political Involvement Working Group – Matt Silver, chair; Michael Gobber, vice chair
  • RPAC Fundraising Working Group – Kinga Korpacz, chair; Ayn Bartok, vice chair
  • RPAC Trustees – Pat McCarthy, chair; Loretta Alonzo-Deubel, vice chair
  • Screening and Candidate Audit Working Group – Pat Callan, chair
  • Strategic Planning Committee – Tommy Choi, chair
  • Young Professionals Network Advisory Group – Eddie Ruettiger, chair; Megan Beechen, vice chair

The Advisory Board and the Audit Committee will choose their chairs in the near future.